For prospective students


You are welcome to apply for a scholarship through OESS if you are a Belarusian citizen. You will have to be accepted by the University of your choice in Europe according to the standards and regulations of the particular University. Criteria for acceptance differ considerably from University to University, but you will basically need to

  • have a school-leaving certificate from Belarus or another country (when you apply for BA studies)
  • have a BA from abroad or an equivalent amount of studies from Belarus (when you apply for MA studies)
  • be able to study in English, or another language of instruction used at the University of your choice, and be able to prove this by a language test

You are expected to commit to your studies abroad for the entire period it takes to obtain the degree, usually 3-4 years (BA) or 1-2 years (MA).

Specific OESS priority fields are Law, Economics and related Social Sciences, Business Studies, Natural Sciences, Medicine and Engineering. Applications from other fields may also be accepted.

The University has to be in an EU or EEA country, and officially recognized by the national authorities in the country (see more below).

Applying to the University or Universities of your choice and for an OESS scholarship are two separate processes. The University basically selects the student on basis of academic merit and capability, as well as language skills. The OESS scholarship is granted on the basis of motivation, including the expected capacity to graduate.

This means that the application to the University (Universities) and to OESS for a scholarship proceed in a parallel manner. As soon as you have decided on at least one and maximum three Universities that you would like to attend, you can submit your OESS scholarship application and at the same time prepare for applying to the University or Universities of your choice.

You can receive a conditional decision on the OESS scholarship before the University of your choice decides on admission. The final decision on the scholarship can only be made after the University decision.

If you are accepted by a University that fulfils the criteria and if you are selected to receive an OESS scholarship, your tuition will be covered and you will be supported for travel and accommodation for the entire period of studies up to graduation.

  1. Select at least one and up to three Universities and programs in the order of your preference. If you select more than one University, your selections have to be from two different countries (if you select three Universities, two can be from the same country). You can use information provided on the Find Your University page.
  2. Fill in an online application for an OESS scholarship through My Page (link) and send it by 16 December 2011. Late applications will automatically be moved to the next application round.
  3. Applicants whose applications pass the first screening will be invited to an interview in Vilnius. The interviews will be held from 2 to 13 February 2012. The invitation will be sent to your mailbox on My Page. You will also be informed if your application does not pass the screening.